Debunking 5 Myths about Hair Loss!

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Thinning hair and baldness are a familiar concern for many people. At one stage in our lives a lot – if not all of us – will experience some issues with hair loss or thinning hair. Some may experience this in a much more severe level than others losing hair strands daily whereas others may simply slowly see their hair line receding or their hair getting thinner.

An when this happens, it is also common for most of us to seek an answer as to why we are suddenly shedding our precious “mane” and how we can slow this process (keep an eye out for our next blog on the 30th of the month, with some very useful and easy tips on how to maintain your hair and prevent hair loss). This is where and how a variety of Myths start being created so it is crucial to be aware of the facts about the causes of male pattern baldness, female hair loss, alopecia and hair thinning.

So let’s have a look at some of these myths and explain why their validity is at least questionable.

Genetic Disposition

One of the most frequent reasons one will hear for hair loss, is genetic disposition which always comes down to your mothers’ side only. This is not true. Predisposition to male pattern baldness can indeed be hereditary, but baldness can be inherited from only your mother is a myth. Experiencing hair loss depends on some dominant inheritance patterns, not only on the individual’s genes and can be passed on by both parents.

Age related Baldness

It is often assumed or simply expected that ones hair is thinning or even shedding in volumes simply because they are old. This is not exactly true. Yes, indeed the older you get there is a chance your hair will get thinner but baldness can strike all ages. What is more, baldness or hair loss that resumes at a younger age tends to be much more severe and should be looked at by an expert. Hair thinning is chronic and progressive, so the sooner you treat it, the better.

Lotions & Potions

Making frequent or excessive use of shampoos, hair gels or waxes or even washing too often are also all common myths when it comes to hair loss. “Over-using” certain products can indeed cause a greasy scalp but that does not mean your hair will start falling out in lumps nor that that all products have the same effect. Simply find something soothing for your head and make sure its ingredients do not irritate your scalp or cause itchiness.

What is more, it is a good practice to wash your hair at least twice a week to to avoid dandruff and scalp odours so wash your hair, and rest assured, it is safe.

Cutting your hair

Cutting your hair is often referenced when it comes to hair loss. In reality however, a hair cut only affects the shaft and not the actual follicles, which are responsible for growth and premature hair loss. Some hair cuts can “bring out” your bald patches more or make your hair less obvious but in truth, a hair cut cannot and does not affect your thinning hair in a positive or negative way.

That “Peaky Blinders” cap

Now.. This is The Question: Which came first? The Receding hairline or the Hat? A quick search on the internet, will quickly reveal the hat (or tight cap) as a common cause for hair loss or alopecia. In reality, only dirty hats can cause scalp infections which can grow to hair loss (or traction alopecia due to being wore very tight). So as long as your hat is maintained clean, wearing it will not speed up the hair thinning process.

Debunking Hair Loss Myths

So, next time someone quotes one of the above to you or simply states they have read or heard somewhere the validity of the Myth, make sure to inform them..that it is indeed a myth. Taking care of your hair can indeed be a strenuous job (for both men and women) but there are a number of things you can do to ensure its health.

What other myths have you been told? Have you perhaps assumed something for years only to now find out it is not exactly true? We’d love to hear your view so do not hesitate to contact us or simply comment on the blog below!

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