Haircare – Dealing with Thinning Hair

Hair thinning is a common problem faced by many men and women. It is normal for some amount of hair to fall daily. But when you notice that your hair is thinning, it is not a good sign. Many reasons like age, medical conditions and lifestyle choices have been linked to the thinning of hair. Temporary phases like puberty, pregnancy and menopause can also cause hair to become thin. Hair thinning can eventually lead to scanty hair and bald patches, which can be devastating to a person?s self-esteem. Luckily there are several ways to deal with thinning of hair.

Here are a few ideas one can use to overcome his/her struggle with thinning hair.

Improve your diet: If your hair doesn?t get enough protein and nutrients, it will surely affect your volume. Hair is comprised of collagen and elastin, which is produced by protein. Therefore, make sure your diet includes a good amount of protein rich foods. Leafy vegetables have plenty of vitamin B, which will also benefit your hair growth.

Include minerals: Lack of minerals in your diet can affect your hair. Including food enriched with minerals like iron and zinc will surely improve your hair growth. Iron is an essential ingredient to help hair grow strong and thick. Foods such as chocolate and liver are rich in iron. Zinc is also useful for hair health and can be found in foods like eggs yolks, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ and shellfish.

Opt for hair thickening shampoos: There are many shampoos in the market, which are specifically made to enhance hair volume. Instead of your regular shampoo, use a hair thickening shampoo instead. If you can?t find these shampoos, make sure that the shampoo you use doesn?t have added sulphates and drying agents like alcohol, which causes the hair to break.

Get a layered haircut: This is a trick many hairstylists use to make the hair look thicker. They add short layers around the crown of the hair and then create multiple layers throughout the rest of the hair. A good hair style can really change the way you look.

Oil massage: Remember this old grandmother?s tale of applying hair oil to enhance your hair health. Massaging your hair with coconut, almond, olive or sesame oil can increase blood circulation to the scalp and strengthen the roots of your hair.

Hair extensions or wigs: There are times when you need quick solutions to fix scanty hair or bald patches. But remember that this is only a temporary solution. Hair extensions can be easily bought at beauty stores and can be fixed by your hairstylist. If you think your hair is too thin to make it work as a beautiful hairstyle, consider opting for a wig to cover up hair loss.



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