Best Beard Ideas for Summer 2020!

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Taking care of our “mane” has always common amongst the majority of people worldwide. Whether some tend to simply “wash and go” or others tend to care more for their hair with Mane Hair Thickening spray or other products, having a well groomed head of her is not surprising. However, recent trends have not only ushered in new hairstyles for men but also new introduced beards on a more frequent basis.

Men of all ages are now seen with a fully trimmed and take care of set of facial hair and more and more men are not into taking care of themselves.

Beard styles vary from year to year and this year is no different..The new “trends” seem to point to a new style of beards for 2020 combining some of the old classics along with some new styles. So, how about we have a look at the 4 most popular styles you can try yourself or ask your barber on your next visit.

  • Full Beard

As commonly known, a full beard is probably the hardest to grow and maintain but definitely is worth that effort. Apart from the unique touch of originality it also adds an extra layer of mystery and refinement we often regularly attribute to a gentleman. Particularly suited on round faces as they can be elongated by growing the hair at the chin longer and keeping the sides shorter.It is a gradual process to perfect the longer beard, so be patient and make sure to maintain your “Mane”!

  • Stubble

A stubble is arguably one of the most simple facial hair styles to achieve. Often referred to as the “non-committal beard style”, a stubble is both practical in length and stylishly rugged at the same time. and the best part about it? Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, a stubble could take no more than a few days or a week to grow leaving you to simply “shape and go”!

  • Beard-stache

Anyone who can grow a decent ‘tache‘ can grow a Bear-stache as they say. Commonly used by men suffering with hair loss or patchy growth as the moustache can be the main feature. The Beard-stache is effectively a hybrid between a beard and a moustache. This is a versatile style; you can keep it shorter by going with around 10 days of stubble for the beard, or grow it fully out.

  • Short-beard

A short-beard is really the way to have a beard if you are not “really” allowed” or wanting to..whether work frowns on your Full-Beard or you are seeking a more refreshed look for the summer, the short-beard is the way to go. It not only is always in fashion but also also for a dual masculine look whilst elegant and subtle. For a perfect short-beard, simply keep the hair on the cheeks and on the neck trimmed short and combed as neat as possible. Make sure to wash and maintain regularly to achieve that polished look daily. For those of you with patchy hair growth, the patches will become less apparent the longer you grow it.

So can you tell us which one of the beards in the images below matches the descriptions above?

Whether you are simply looking to fill up those gaps or straighten up your beard, no matter the style or colour, feel free to have a look at our Mane Hair thickening Spray, available in a 100 ml and 200 ml can. Mane Hair Thickening Spray and Root Concealer is a spray specially developed to provide instantly thicker, natural looking hair. Using micro mineral particles, the spray will bond to your remaining hair helping to change the way you look and feel in seconds. Available in 12 different shades, you can mix and match to achieve the perfect colour tone to blend with your own hair. You can also use this spray to cover over roots between hair dyes – quick and easy.

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