Conceal Those Roots

roots before
Roots Before

For those of us that colour our hair ? whether to cover greying strands ? or simply to have a different hair colour, the appearance of roots is always a sign that soon an expensive trip to the hair dressers looms on the horizon!

Well, now with Mane Hair Thickener and Root Concealer ? you can cover those roots instantly and delay that expensive trip by a few weeks.

As the Mane Hair Thickener contains natural coloured micro-minerals that bond to the hair ? in the same way these micro-minerals will bond to the base of your hair shafts, covering over the area of colour difference. And of course, being available in 11 shades means there is probably a Mane Thickener very close to your coloured hair tone ? and if not, then of course you can also choose to blend two different shades together.

roots after
Roots After

Using Mane Thickener to conceal your roots gives you quick, instant results at the fraction of the cost of a full roots re-colour.

An independent review in the Daily Mail gave Mane Hair Thickener 5/5 for root coverage.

Read Daily Mail article.

So why not give it a try ? go to our web site for full instructions of how to use.

Instructions in how to cover your roots

If you use promotional code ? rootautumn16 ? you will get 10% off your purchase (valid until Nov. 30th 2016).


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