What Is Hair Loss?

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The cycle of hair growth has 3 stages known as Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

When hair keeps growing this cycle is in a loop, but if the loop is broken and the Anagen stage no longer occurs then hair loss (or no more growth) is the result.


This is the active stage of growth where the hair follicles in the scalp produce hair and so the hair shaft grows. After a few weeks this growth stops and the Catagen stage commences.


At this stage the hair stops actively growing and the hair follicle begins to shrink and becomes detached from the hair shaft so preventing the hair from receiving any more nutrients. This hair shaft becomes known as a club hair.


After the formation of the club hair the hair follicle remains in a period of rest for approximately 100 days. At the end of this period the club hair will fall out and the Anagen phase will re-commence as the hair follicle once more becomes active and starts to reproduce hair. If the Anagen stage does not re-start then you will experience permanent hair loss.

Is There A Cure?

At this moment in time there is no known cure for hair loss. If your hair loss has been caused by shock, or illness, or medication – then it may be that as your body recuperates and returns to normal that your hair cycle may well recover – but there is no guarantee. There are many vitamin supplements on the market that claim to help your hair to re-grow – but again the science behind these is still questionable/in the early stages.

Is there anything one can do to promote hair growth?

Yes. There are a number of things that can be done to promote a healthier scalp resulting in more hair growth, but this will not stop or reverse hair loss. By looking after your intake of vitamins and minerals and taking care of your scalp one can slow down the balding or thinning process. Protein is necessary for healthy hair growth as keratin which makes up the hair is essentially made up of protein; so diets that avoid protein should not be practiced.

What Can I Do?

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The cycle of hair growth has 3 stages known as Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

When hair keeps growing this cycle is in a loop, but if the loop is broken and the Anagen stage no longer occurs then hair loss (or no more growth) is the result.

  • If you suffer from long term hair loss, your options include having a hair transplant (quite costly) or taking vitamin supplements.
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Hair loss occurs when the hair follicles stop reproducing themselves. Hair Loss is normally genetically inherited and how it will affect you is often genetically pre-determined. The only other causes know are either illness or medication, which by changing either your physiological structure or your health can affect the supply of nutrients to certain parts of your body, including the hair follicles.

Hair has a lifespan of between 2 to 6 years. When hair eventually falls a new hair starts growing after the rest period of a few months. So it is quite normal for the hair to fall out every day. When this happens it does not mean that the hair lived and died, but rather that the hair fibre has done its programmed function and the root will get rid of it to start a new cycle. Hair loss only becomes a problem when the new hair is not produced at the same rate as the lost hair. Because we have so many hairs on our scalp when this loss process starts we do not realise the effect of it until we start seeing the scalp. Apart from the natural programmed shedding of hair there is also other reasons why hair loss can occur prematurely. One common reason is illness or disease or the treatment to cure these conditions.

Then there is also accidental hair loss, which can result from physical damage to scalp through cuts, abrasions and burns. There are also scalp conditions such as infections and fungal or parasite invasion. On top of all this, of course, there is Male Pattern Baldness. There is no cure and it can strike men at almost any age without much warning. Cancer treatments can result in hair loss or baldness through the mechanism of the body’s defence system attacking indiscriminately to destroy cancer cells. Radiation therapy in some cases can also result in hair loss. Receding hairlines and hair loss at the crown of men’s hair are caused by the hair follicles at the hairline or on the top of the head being programmed to cease growing. Male-pattern baldness is permanent. Women experience hair loss as they age but less than men and the loss is usually spread diffusely over the scalp. Oestrogen hormones are known to help hair loss and because women have more oestrogen in their bodies than men they seem to be somewhat protected from genetic programming of hair loss. As oestrogen levels start decreasing after menopause hair loss can become a problem in women and is permanent.

This is genetically determined. As to the reason why some are chosen; no one really knows. All explanations are mere speculations.

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