Instantly conceal gray roots

Mane Spray is available in 12 colours
Mane Spray is available in 12 colours

Mane Spray is the perfect product for covering those annoying gray roots and making your colour applications last a little bit longer.

Mane spray

  • Works in seconds
  • Is safe and easy to use (aerosol spray)
  • Is available in 12 natural looking shades
  • Will last until your next shampoo
  • Is suitable for both men and women

Mane spray root concealer is really easy to use ? simply

  • Wash and condition your hair as normal and dry
  • Comb or brush hair exposing roots
  • Spray Mane over the area to be covered until sufficient concealment is achieved
  • Brush of comb the hair to spread the concealer so it blends with your non gray hair
  • Repeat as required on other root areas

When your roots are covered, you can choose to use Mane Seal and Control to hold your hair style in place.

Gray roots Before and After
Gray roots Before and After

Mane spray is the original cosmetic hair treatment which was designed (and is still used) for thickening the hair. Because of the natural, micro minerals that we use in our formulation to thicken the hair shaft, they also add colour to the hair and so the product is ideal for covering up gray roots.

Tried and tested by millions of happy customers over the years, the Mane spray also contains a special ingredient that will add a sheen to your treated hair so making it look even more natural.

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