I’ve tried so much for my thinning hair, I use oriflame haircare and it’s made my hair really soft and bouncy and look thicker…but my thinning hair is still noticeable so I tried thickening powder….kind of did the job in making my hair look thicker….then tried the hair colour powder….did the job but really powdery and noticeable when I use wax etc….so Mane popped up on Facebook a few times so not really expecting much but I saw a few videos and thought I’d give it a go…tried it today quickly and oh my god what incredible results! Been talking about my hair all day lol it looks amazing. I used the sealer spray too. Feels and looks so professional! I used wax too and no colour coming off in your hands, no reside, no mess. I’m really blown away guys. Thank you

Mathew – May 2023

Happy customer May 2023









(*)  I’ve been buying this product for years and I don’t know what I’d do without it.  It’s certainly the best on the market and your customer service is excellent!  Again many thanks.

Sylvia – September 2022

(*) This product has changed my life, has given me so much confidence….thank you MANE…..🥰🥰🥰

Carol – August 2022

(*) I have been using @maneukltd for at least 20 years it has saved my sanity when my hair is at its worst 🙌❤️🙌❤️ fabulous product 💋

Julie – July 2022

(*)Been using Mane for years, the best product I’ve ever found for thinning hair, would recommend it 2000%

Geoff – July 2022

(*) Have been using this product for years!!! It does what it says. I can assure you of this !!!! Would not be without this Fantastic Product!!!! Kind regards John.😀

June 2022

(*) I’m a barber from the UK, and recently my dad has started developing alopecia on his hair. This is something that left him with big lumps missing from all around his head.

After a lot of research, I came across your Mane hair thickening spray and seal control and thought I’d give it a go after the good reviews that I read and saw.
Today the spray was delivered and I cut my dad’s hair as usual and used this spray and I cannot express how amazing this product is! I ordered a colour a shade darker than his usual hair and the match was spot on.
This spray had given my dad the confident boost that he deserves. I’m so glad that I chose this product and cannot thank you enough!
The results were out of this world. 5 stars from me.
Thank you,
Charlie – June 2022

(*) Just purchased this product in light brown. Wonderful product thank you 😊

Peter – April 2022

(*) Just want to say I have been a valued customer of yours for several years now, and want to say how wonderfully impressed I am with your cover up thickening spray.

It has been a god send for a self conscious guy like myself who was devastated when my hair started thinning on top from the age of 25.

Now at 47 my hair has become even more thinner so your product continues to work wonders.

Steve – September 2021

(*) Bruce Johnson I love this it really does work https://youtu.be/PZNJR5gQQ0w thank you Mane 😀

Bruce – May 2021

(*) I’ve used your products and they are great.

Matt – February 2021

(*) Hi,

 So I bought your product not with great expectations to be honest.
I’ve heard about “hair thickening sprays” but you’ve done a remarkable
job. See my before and after pics. And even when you get up close you
can’t notice. I do advise using the “Seal and Control”. But it only
takes a bit of work and it really rejuvenates the hair.
Great job.
Tom – February 2021

(*) Very impressed with products and great quality and value for money.
Kevin – January 2021

(*) I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service. I ordered the product on Wednesday, it arrived just two days later on Friday…
Many thanks.
Paul – August 2020

(*)Dear Mane
Thank you so much for this product. I simply can’t put into words what this has done for me. The impact my hair loss has had on my mental health has been quite severe as of late, it has caused me sleepless nights, anxiety and depression- to those who don’t suffer hair loss won’t understand this but to the likes of myself you have no idea how this has changed my life. As a 30 year old male the boost this has given me in confidence is simply incredible.
Dan – June 2020
Dan using mane hair thickener
Dan – before and after using Mane Hair Thickener
(*)Dear Mane,
Thank you so much for my daughter’s Mane products. She is so pleased and is so happy that no one can see that bald spot. I would definitely 100% recommend for children who are suffering hair loss.
It is actually very hard to find. She said she can’t wait to go back to school and show her friends.
It actually is a miracle product that will probably turn my little girls world around.
Happy Mother – June 2020

(*)I have been using Mane for quite a while, I am a big fan, superb product!!
Patrick – May 2020

(*)I received my order yesterday and all I can say is Wow, I’ve only tried
the hair thickener so far but it has given me a boost in confidence.
I’ve tried so many different products over the years and this is the
only one that has worked on my very fine hair, can’t wait to use the
shampoo and conditioner.
Ali Clarke – March 2020

(*)Dear Mane,
I’m your client for a couple of years now. I just have received, I believe new Mane  hair spray which is much better. I’m so delightful
with the product and would like to say a big thank you.
All the best,
Katarzyna, November 2018

(*)I ordered the Mane Thickening Spray and Root Concealer and the Seal and Control products late last year (2017). My son is suffering from male pattern baldness at 20 yrs old and was extremely self conscious. I can honestly say this product gave him the confidence he needed and it made a significant difference to his hair appearance. It took him a few practise runs to use it, but now is second nature to him.
I would also like to thank the team behind the scenes at Mane who respond quickly to queries and also got an urgent order through when it was required.
Can?t recommend enough.
Emma from Staffordshire  – July 2018

I am addicted to your spray hair thickener ???? I don’t think I?d
be pushing it to say it?s changed my life! Gone from having post chemo
male pattern balding to short funky blonde hair, which is only possible
with Mane ????
Kind regards and keep up the good work!
Charlotte – January 2018

(*)Good afternoon
Just a quick email to say very impressive service . Very quick on
delivery as I live in the Channel Islands & customer service over the phone
was great . Thank you.
Kind regards
Ms Hawkins – January 2018

(*)Dear Friends.
At the age of 87 (and a half!) years, I attribute my lustrous locks to the continued use over the years of Mane Hair Thickener.
I think that it has conditioned my hair and prevented it from yellowing, and I thank you for that.
Thank you also for the conditioner you sent last time, as you can imagine, I’m very proud of my hair. Pretty good for an old chap what? Just felt you’ all like a pat on the back.
Howard – September 2017

Before and After images with Mane dark brown spray .
My review: 
(*)Very good, much  better than the fibres.
The Seal and Control spray is a must as without it the Mane comes off.
My verdict  8/10
Phil – August 2017

(*)Hi – LOVE your hair thickening spray. Can’t believe the difference it has made. Thank you.
Mariella – August 2017

(*)Hi,  I’ve just received my first supply of Mane Hair Thickening spray from you:  I want you to know how pleased I am with it.  Why on earth I tried it last in years of using others I do not know !
You have a new regular customer !!  Many thanks…Gwyn
Gwyn – May 2017

(*)This stuff is GENIUS
Paul – April 2017

(*)Thanks for the product it is brilliant!
Luke – January 2017

Just a quick message to say that I’ve been using your products for more than a year now, and I’m more than 100% happy with the product, and even more happy with your customer service! My query was dealt with very promptly and professionally, couldn’t be happier !!
I’ll be using your products and company for the long term, and cannot recommend you highly enough :-)
Steve, Cornwall  June 2016

(*) Hi there,
 I tried your hair thickening spray for the first time today and I’m absolutely thrilled, it’s totally exceeded my expectations and I’m so glad I gave it a try.
 I’m sure you guys get this all the time but I honestly can’t begin to express the sense of relief at finally finding something to make me feel good about my hair again. It’s been the bane of my life for so long, brought me to tears and killed my confidence, but now I just feel like I’m free to be myself again without worrying all the time about whether my hair is doing something awful. It sounds like such a small thing but it really isn’t, so thank you all for making this product available, you’re selling more than just hair products, I promise you!
Rozi  – May 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for your product. Amazing!!!!”

Lee – December 2015 – Ebay customer

(*) “Hello Team! I’m writing to inform that I have used MANE Hair Thickening spray for the first time. I’m very happy to inform you that I’m far more satisfied with this product than TOPPICK and FULLMORE.

The spray pressure is very well distributed and controlled, its not black color only like (toppick and fullmore) it actually gives thickness to the hair.
I’m a happy satisfied customer.
All the best.
Thank you”
December 2015

 (*) “Afternoon,

I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the Mane Hair Thickening spray, it’s given me my confidence back. It’s so easy to use also.

I have attached pictures so you can see how much of a difference it’s made.

Thank you so much”

Michael – November 2015


Back - before
Back – before


Back - after
Back – after


Top - before
Top – before


Top - after
Top – after


(*)”I received your product on Tuesday and I am very pleased with the way the products works. It gives my hair a natural look, covers all thinning areas and I’m pleasantly surprised at how strong it stays in the hair and does come out easy even with hard brushing. So thank you for making such a great product.”

Johnny UK – April 2015

“Parcel arrived intact and thank you so much for your prompt service and help. Hopefully my husband will get to trips with using the black and grey colours to achieve the desired colour and texture -and the sprays are fantastic.”

(*) “Shampoos seem excellent too as nice consistency and smell – so hopefully my husband will continue to look even better into his 60’s and it is brilliant you have given so many people confidence that is lacking when sadly hair becomes sparse and thinning with age or illness.”

Keep up good work and every good wish to your team for 2015.”
Juen (Northern Ireland) – January 2015

(*) “I am a 17 year old girl who is currently suffering with alopecia areata. This amazing product has covered my patches and was quick and easy to apply. It has given me back my confidence to go out and face people without worrying about anyone looking at my hair. Thank you so much Mane UK!!”
Charlotte (UK) – September 2014

“I love your product, I’ve just put through another order by the way, love it…!”
Elaine (UK) – August 2014

(*) “Hi, my husband uses your products and loves them. It has really boosted his confidence so thanks very much!”
Hannah (UK) – May 2014

“Just a big thank you for your quick and concerned way you dealt with my problem yesterday over the phone.I have now received my items, and am over the moon with your quick response. Kind Regards, Keith.”
Keith (UK) – February 13th 2014

“Great thank you. Thanks again for the quick response and shipping. Always a pleasure dealing with you guys.”
Niall (UK) – 27.9.2013

“Dear Mane (UK), I have been using your product (Mane Hair Thickener) for many years and I have always found it to be excellent, also your prompt service. Thanks again.”
Peter B (Surrey – England) – July 12th 2013

(*) “I would like to say how impressed I am with your hair thickening spray. I don’t use it on my own hair, but I have used it on several clients. The results are amazing! It’s a miracle spray and its made my female clients overjoyed and given them back self confidence. I’d like to thank you on their behalf.”
Jane (England) – June 16th 2013

“Item received in quick time. Exactly what it says on the can. Much thanks”
Lee (UK) – 23.5.2013

“I would just like to thank you for the Mane thickening spray and the fixing spray I bought from you, I find it very good and it does what it says, thank you again.”
Veronica (UK) – 30.5.2013

(*) “Dear Mane UK, I have been using your products for more than 20 years as I think so highly of the effect it creates with my hair. Consequently, I felt it appropriate to recommend Mane as a product that helps to restore confidence. Mane is quick, easy, effective and produces instantly thicker hair in seconds. The results are natural and amazing. May I also add that the new Mane Hair Thickening Spray with Shimmer and Mane Hair Loss Fibres with Shimmer adds shine onto the hair is effective. Thank you to Mane. Superb product! Salvatore – Henley On Thames (UK).”
Salvatore (Henley on Thames – UK) – May 12th 2013

“Hello! Just got the spray I ordered not long ago so wanted to say a BIG thank you! I am very impressed with the results! You have no idea how much help you are to others out there! Thank you again! Best regards, Manjinder.”
Manjinder (UK) – May 2013

“Dear seller, are you willing to ship your amazing product to the Czech republic? Thank you for you quick response! Sincerely, Hana Andalov?”
Hana Andalova (Czech Republic) – March 8th 2013

(*) “I would like to thank you so much for this product, my boyfriend now has a wonderful mane of hair. Like a savage lion rawrrrr”
Sophie (England) – 5th March 2013

“I thank you for being able to go out and not be ashamed of my hair, all thanks to your product of “Mane Thickener”. Would you be so kind as to send me a new can of dark brown. I enclose a cheque. Yours sincerely.”
Mr James (South Wales) – 07.01.2013

“I have tried your product (Mane Hair Thickening Spray) and am very eager to purchase more. I am in the United States. How can I place an order? Thanks!”
Bill (USA) – 20.12.12

“Hello, Unfortunately I’ve managed to block the nozzle of a can that I recently bought. Is there anything I can do? By the way, I absolutely love your product. Kind regards,”
Tom (England) – 14.12.12

“I submitted an order this morning for a thickening spray and one of your new hold and shine spray. Can you please send me email mail confirming this order. I think your sprays are wonderful and I don’t know what I would do with out them. I have suffered hair lose since I was 10 years old, I am now 62, I have been using your product for the last few years and I wish I knew about them sooner.”
Linda Ann (England) – 14.12.12

“Hi Just wanted to give some feedback on the excellent Ash Blonde spray I purchased this week. I previously used Blonde and then Light Blonde, but this Ash seems to be much better for me. Please keep stocking it! Thank you Joshua”
Joshua (UK) – December 2012

(*) “Please find enclosed an order form for 1 can of Mane Hair Thickening spray – colour medium brown. Please also find enclosed a cheque. Will you please send a further order form with my order for future purchases. I think your product is very good – frankly, I rely on it to a large extent to keep my hair looking thick enough for today’s’ standards. I look forward to receiving and using Mane.”
Mr Bryan (UK)

“Please send me another grey hair thickener. You have sent it before and it is good! thank you.”
Mr Davis (UK)

(*) “Would you please send me a further supply of Mane Hair Thickener which I am finding most effective. I enclose a cheque. Thank you.”
Mrs McNicoll (UK)

(*) “I felt I must write to thank you for your wonderful product Mane. For months I’ve been having to wear a band on my hair through foolishly bleaching and dying it! I worried to bits how I could hide the thinness on top of my hairline, now I can step out with confidence once more. Thanks so much for being so prompt with my order also! As I’m middle-aged now, I know my hair will only get worse but thanks to Mane I’m smiling again. As I now glance vainly in the mirror, turning my head from side to side, I say “yes, Mrs Earl, you now have a good head of hair again”. A million thanks.”
Mrs Earl (Shrewsbury)

(*) “I would like to thank the company for thinking of hair thickener. i’ve used it several times now and it definitely works and delivery is quick”
L.R. (Brighton)

“I see from the Sunday paper you are advertising Mane Hair thickener. Please would you send me four cans of Light brown. I have dealt with you before and I am very pleased with the result”
A.F. (Dorset)

“I have been with your company for quite some time now and as i have said ‘ the product is brilliant'”
Y.E. (Stockport)

“Thanks again for your continued excellent service”
T.S. (Liverpool)

“Just to say Mane is great. It does what it says in your advert”
K.S. (Norfolk)

(*) “Your wonderful product has made me more confident about my hair and without the worry of scalp show through. i would like to re-order please”
G.W. (Aberdeen)

“Dear Mane, I love your product very much and would like to place an order again. N.D.”
N.D. (Mauritius)

(*) “I would just like to say a massive thank you to you. I have been under going chemotherapy for the past 4 months, and in a bid to retain my hair I used the cold cap for the first 2 sessions, however I personally found this and the ensuing headaches too painful to bear so discontinued after that. Not suprisingly my hair then started to thin massively however with the use of your product I have managed to continue on my daily life without the need for either a wig, hat or scarf and it truly has made the whole process of dealing with the chemo and the cancer so much easier. I have told everyone I know about your product and rather than hiding the fact that I am having to use such a thing I have been shouting it from the roof tops in the hope that it may help someone else who unfortunately finds them self in the same position as me. So once again thank you!”
Leza (England) – September 2012

(*) “hi, as a new customer of mane hair thickening spray i am delighted with the results. cant believe how different my hair looks. will be shopping with you again soon.!!!!!!”
Jean (England) – May 11th 2012

“Hallo. Please ignore my last email. My friend just rang to say that my order has arrived. I can’t believe it!!! Just two days after I ordered, my hair spray is here. What an amazing service you offer. I have never received anything so fast in my whole life. I thank you for your excellent service.”
Linda (Germany) – January 12th 2012

(*) “Received your product today thank you. Absolutely amazing!!! Tried it immediately and the results were nothing short of spectacular!!! Covered my bald patches and looks completely natural. Again thank you so much and i will be placing another order in the future.”
Mark (England) – January 7th 2012

(*) “Just a short note to let you know that Mane has been a fantastic product that I have been using for years in helping me camouflage my Alopecia Areata. I would be lost without it. It has definitely been a life saver in a society that places such an emphasis on the way we look, people including friends, family & work colleagues dont even notice the bald spots when I use Mane.”
Name Withheld

(*) “Dear Sir, thank you for an amazing product. I am finding a marked improvement in the quality of my hair. A very good result.”

“Dear Mane, I would just like to say you have a superb product which I now use regularly to enhance the look of my hair style. It is quick and easy to use, and certainly does the job. Could you please process my order as soon as possible (as I’m running low!!). Thank you for Mane.”
Mr. P

(*) Please note results may vary individually

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