Thinning Hairline

Do you struggle with thinning edges? Thin edges are the hairs on the sides where your baby hairs usually sit. You may notice that when you put your hair in…

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French Bob

How to make a French Bob French. It’s all about texture. A French bob, should look effortless. Adding some of our Mane Hair Thickening Spray to the roots will give…

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Tension Alopecia

Many factors such as diet, age and genetics can all lead to hair loss. Tension Alopecia is hair loss caused by tightly pulled hairstyles which you can develop it you…

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Postpartum Hair Loss

Bridget March, Digital Beauty Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, recently shared her post-natal hair loss experiences in her instagram. After giving birth, oestrogen levels drop causing 50% of women to experience…

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