Thinning Hair and Hair Loss can cause confidence issues

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single page leaflet_final frontIs your Hair Growing Old?

As you grow older, everything about your body begins to age – and that includes your hair! Generally speaking hair loss and thinning hair are associated with ageing.

In a young head of hair, as hair is lost it is usually replaced automatically as the hair bulb produces another hair shaft.

What happens as we age is that the hair bulb actually dies and so as we loose a hair and it is no longer replaced, so our hair begins to thin and eventually the head may become completely bald.

Various studies have concluded that it is possible to kick-start a dying bulb into new life by maintaining a healthy scalp and feeding the hair bulb with essential nutrients (which are actually delivered to the hair bulb via the blood stream).

There are many products on the market which are sold as supplements and claim to stimulate hair growth.

At Mane UK Ltd, we choose a different route and so have launched our new Hair Patches – which combine a number of natural ingredients, all of which are renowned for either helping to stimulate blood circulation or to maintain the strength of the hair. Because the Mane Hair Patches are applied locally to the head – they are non invasive and the active ingredients are absorbed into the skin exactly where the stimulus is required.

Our Clinical Trial Results were very positive, with over 50% of users experiencing improved and healthier hair after using the patches for 8 weeks.


Try our new Mane Hair Patches and receive a 20% off the launch price by using Coupon Code: nlmay2015 when prompted during the shopping process.

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