Travel Size Mane Hair Thickener launch

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We are delighted to announce the launch of the 100 ml Mane Hair Thickening spray – available in our top 5 shades: Black, Grey, Dark Brown, Mid Brown and Light Brown.

We have often been asked for a ?travel size? version of our world famous Hair Thickener – and now our??? customers will be able to take their Mane spray away with them.

However – in addition to being suitable to keep in your in-flight hand luggage – this handy 100 ml can is also ideal for keeping in hand bags, desk drawers or sports bags – so you always have your Mane Hair Thickener to hand when ever you may feel you need it.

This new 100 ml travel size is exactly the same unique formula as our classic 200 ml spray so is also suitable for concealing your root growth between colourings and of course more than one shade can be used to match your natural hair shade.

Price ?10 including VAT

Available from August 21st 2017


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