Hair Thickening Fibres – Step-by-Step Guide

How To Apply Mane Hair Thickening Fibres

With our Mane Hair Thickening Fibres the level of coverage is in your own hands – you decide on the amount you wish to use to create your own desired look. The fibres are very light and unlike other products on the market, they will not weigh down your hair. As you become used to using our Mane Hair Thickening Fibres , you will develop your own personalised styling technique – but initially we recommend that for best results you follow our instructions.

Hair loss fibres step 1

Step One

Wash and condition your hair. Using a conditioner is important to create a suitable surface for the fibres to adhere to.

Dry and style as normal.

Step Two

Shake the container well. Remove the lid and hold the container approximately 3 cm above the scalp.

Sprinkle the fibres generously over the area to be thickened until the level of coverage is achieved.

Step Three

Pat your hair gently to help the fibres settle. Add more fibres if more coverage is desirable.

If you wish to re-style then use a wide toothed comb or brush so as not to disturb the fibres.

Step Four

When the desired level of coverage is achieved, maintain in place by using Mane Seal and Shine.

Hair loss fibres step 5

Step Five

Spray for a light, natural looking finish. (NB. conventional aerosol sprays will blow the fibres away).

Please Note

General Tips

Always follow the step by step instructions. Mane Hair Thickening Fibres should be sprinkled from a distance of approximately 3 cm (1 inch) from the head to help achieve consistent coverage. Once applied, simply arrange the fibres and style your hair with your fingers or a wide toothed comb and then seal in place with Mane Seal and Shine. Use between shampoos or as often as desired.

To remove, simply wash your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water. Always condition your hair before applying Mane Hair Thickening Fibres. Our Mane Hair Thickening Shampoo and Mane Hair Thickening Conditioner are specially formulated for thinning or fine hair and designed for use with the Mane Hair Thickening range.