HAIR THICKening spray


Step One

Shampoo and condition your hair with a good conditioner. Allow to dry completely.

Step Two

Brush the hair for a few minutes using either a brush or a wide toothed comb.
Select the area to be thickened and lift upwards, holding in position.

Step Three

Shake the can well.

Spray the thickener across the base of the thinning hair as shown in the video (not directly onto the scalp) until sufficient coverage is achieved

Step Four

Brush your thickened hair well. This will release the shine element, giving your hair a more natural looking sheen. Repeat the process for all areas of the hair that are to be thickened, remembering to brush after spraying to release the shine. Once the hair is completely dry, style as desired. Feel free to brush your hair or use your usual styling products

Step Five

As a finishing touch add a light coat of either Mane™ Seal and Control or Mane™ Seal and Shine.
Allow to dry.

Please Note

Always follow the step by step instructions. Mane™ Hair Thickener should be sprayed from a distance of approximately 15 – 20 cm (6-9 inches) from the head to help achieve consistent coverage. Mane™ products are not hair baldness products but thinning hair products.

  • Understand each step before you proceed to the next
  • Once applied, all your previously this areas will be thickened
  • You will be able to have hairstyles denied to you in the past
  • You can participate in sports
  • After swimming, allow hair to dry naturally without vigorous rubbing with a towel


Sometimes the can nozzle can become blocked. This is normally caused by the fact that the last time the can was in use it was sprayed in short bursts as oppose to long sprays. To prevent your can becoming blocked, after you have finished using it, please fully depress the actuator/nozzle for 2 seconds before storing away. A blocked nozzle cannot be unblocked. Should you experience such a problem, please email us via the contact page.