Mane Hair Thickening Fibres and Spray Applicator

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Apply your hair fibres more easily and accurately to your fine or thinning hair with our Mane Spray Applicator. It will give you more control at your hair line and it is also great for concealing undesirable root color.

Mane Hair Thickening Fibres have been scientifically developed to give you a natural looking, fuller head of hair. The fibres will blend with your own hair to give you the look that you've always wanted. Mane Hair Thickening Fibres bond electro-statically to your remaining hair and can be sealed into place by using the Mane Seal and Shine Spray. The Hair Thickening Fibres come in a range of 10 shades, which can be used on their own or blended with other shades in our range to give you the closest looking colour to your natural hair colour.

Mane Hair Thickening Fibres will instantly thicken your own hair to help alleviate any signs of baldness or the appearance of fine or thinning hair. The fibres are easy to use and because of the lightness of each fibre, they will not weigh down your own hair but will simply give each strand more volume and blend in naturally with your own hair.

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Color Jet Black Fibres


Achieving thicker hair has never been easier! Watch the video for a quick tutorial on Mane Fibres Application. In just seconds, transform your locks effortlessly. Say goodbye to complexity, hello to instant volume.

Read our Step-By-Step guide here.

suitable for women

Discover the secret to luxurious, full-bodied hair with Mane products, designed to be the perfect companion for women seeking added volume and thickness.

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